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Quick links to MathML/XML series and related articles featured in the MSOR Connections newsletter:



MathML/XML series – Glossary of some XML formats - by Peter James Rowlett (MSOR Connections Aug 2006 Vol 6 No 3)



Have you seen this...? / MathML/XML Series: The W3C MathML software list - by Peter James Rowlett (MSOR Connections May 2006 Vol 6 No 2)



MathML/XML series: What is MathML? - by Peter James Rowlett (MSOR Connections Feb 2006 Vol 6 No 1)



Why (and how) I am using XML and MathML - by Richard Kaye (MSOR Connections Feb 2006 Vol 6 No 1)



MathML / XML series: An introduction - - by Peter James Rowlett (MSOR Connections Nov 2005 Vol 5 No 4)



Mathematics teaching & learning and XML - by Peter James Rowlett (MSOR Connections Feb 2005 Vol 5 No 1)



Have you seen this…? Mathplayer and the Design Science Accessibility Project - by Peter James Rowlett (MSOR Connections May 2004 Vol 4 No 2)



Review of MathType 5.2 - by Manolis Mavrikis (MSOR Connections May 2004 Vol 4 No 2)



MathML - cleared for take off? - by Trevor Hawkes (MSOR Connections Aug 2002 Vol 2 No 3)



Review of Mathtype 5 - by Jeff Waldock (MSOR Connections Feb 2002 Vol 2 No 1)



Report on the MathML Conference - by Pam Bishop (MSOR Connections Feb 2001 Vol 1 No 1)



Math on the Web: A Status Report is a paper that Design Science publishes every six months to inform the maths, science, and education community on what is going on in the Math on the Web world. The September 2003 edition looks at some empirical evidence about the math actually on the web today, and all the reports contain comprehensive links to MathML-related pages.

Design Science Awarded NSF Grant for Enhancing Searching for Mathematics - Spring 2004 Workshop Scheduled to Develop Requirements

As part of his MSc dissertation, Peter Rowlett at Nottingham Trent University assessed current browser support for MathML in MathML: the current state of play (Oct 03)

MathML - Enabling mathematical functionality on the Web - by Ayesha Malik for XML Journal, April 2003
The MathML Handbook, Pavi Sandhu Price: available for example from Amazon

MathML - Cleared for Take-Off - Trevor Hawkes shares his experience of the MathML conference in July 2002

Useful page for testing MathML fragments - works with Netscape 7
David Carlisle's Universal Mathematics Stylesheet explains how to include MathML in Web pages in a way that makes it possible to be viewed on a large number of browsers
MathML 2002 International Conference, Chicago, June 2002
MathML Central a Wolfram Web resource listing MathML tools
Import and Export with MathML 2.0 by Waterloo Maple, 2001
W3C's Math Home Page includes a list of MathML implementations
Scientific WorkPlace 4 and MathML includes a description of how MathML can be used from the Scientific WorkPlace family of products
Report on MathML conference, University of Illinois, October 2000
What do we do until MathML?  - Autumn 2000
Scientific Publishing: A Mathematician's Viewpoint (Notices of the AMS, August 2000)
MathML in Mozilla
Formulator: Formulator is a program to create, edit mathematical expressions and convert them to/from MathML/graphics. Formulator comprises both a standalone application edition, that can be run as a separate program; component edition, that is, an ActiveX Control (or Automation Server), that can be incorporated into a third party software; and plugins for playing web-pages with MathML in Internet Explorer and for Altova’s XMLSPY.

TtM, a TeX to MathML translator

MathML is a recommended standard for internet publishing of mathematics. It is too verbose to author directly and so needs authoring tools that can translate from a standard mathematics authoring markup such as TeX. Now TtM provides that capability.